Christmas Lunch

Nbas Christmas Lunch Event

Dear NBAS member!

We welcome you to our NBAS Christmas lunch!

The NBAS board has the great pleasure of inviting our members for a Christmas lunch on Friday, the 4th of December at 12.30 PM.  

While it has been a strange year, we have appreciated your support and patience as the organisation has taken huge leaps in our digital adjustments, adjustments made in effort to ensure value to all members during 2020. 

We wish to express our gratitude to our members, and we have therefore planned a special Christmas lunch. We have booked 12 tables at 12 different restaurants in the central business district. An NBAS board member will host each table.  In this way, we can meet, while being fully compliant with the rules, yet still quite close to each other on this Friday afternoon. 

It has been a challenging year, and many have expressed a great wish to meet one another, a wish that we strongly share. Now, the time has finally come for you to meet your peers and exchange experiences. The board member responsible for entertaining each table will take note of your feedback on how NBAS can best produce value to members in 2021. We highly appreciate your feedback, and all comments or perspectives will be discussed and included in our planning for 2021.

The Norwegian Embassy in Singapore will be supporting the lunch in collaboration with NBAS, and so we are delighted to invite you to dine with us for SGD $30.  

We have 48 spots available. Due to the current restrictions, we kindly ask for your understanding and only sign up one representative for each company. 

We are excited to see you! 

Sign up today!


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