Annual General Meeting

Welcome to NBAS’ Annual general meeting (AGM)!

The AGM is hosted 31 March 11am-1:15pm. Due to COVID-19, the AGM is hosted as a webinar.

All members are welcome to join the AGM. Ordinary members have voting power.


Agenda for the AGM:

  1. Annual Report 2019, Statement of Accounts for 2019 and Budget for 2020
  2. Proposed Changes to the Constitution
  3. Election of office bearers and board members for the following term
  4. Appointment of an auditor for the following term
  5. Other business

The agenda was sent to members 10 March. Supporting documents for the AGM were sent out 21 March and are available in the invitation to the webinar.

Please RSVP by accepting the meeting invitation sent 26 March, latest by Monday 30 March.

If you are an Ordinary member that can’t attend the AGM, we encourage you to send the proxy form to by 30 March EOB, to appoint someone else to attend the AGM in your place.