Nbas Snic 2022

SNIC 2022

Welcome to this year’s edition of the Singapore Norway Innovation Conference (SNIC)!

NBAS, Innovation Norway Singapore, and The Norwegian Embassy in Singapore host SNIC during the week of the Annual Seafood Dinner, which is hosted on 18 Nov. We will announce the venue and date for SNIC shortly.

Down to business

In previous editions of SNIC, we have established why decarbonization is necessary and how cooperation is the fuel that will drive the process. This year it is down to business. Sustainability is all about business decisions.  Profitable sustainability solutions are necessary for companies to survive. At SNIC 2022 we will showcase compelling, successful, and copyable user cases from Norway and Singapore.

An example is NBAS-member Odfjell, a leading player in the global market for seaborne transportation. They have reduced the AER index on emissions by 50% in the last seven years. What have they done? How can others achieve the same? Also, Odfjells’ work with decarbonization creates business opportunities for others. Show how it is feasible to achieve the goals for 2030.

We will make SNIC 2022 an inspirational arena for smaller and bigger service and product providers from all parts of the value chain. The event format will combine sessions from the stage, including keynotes that set the scene, and smaller workshops around the tables. SNIC 2022 will be a networking session, stimulating further innovation and business development.

To be a part of SNIC 2022 and share your innovative solutions, contact us at

We will announce the program for SNIC 2022 in June.

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Last year, we focused on The Green Transition and Investing in Sustainability. Below you can read our sponsor articles regarding this pressing topic. Hit the button if you want to relive the whole SNIC 2021 again.