Seven Peaks Software expands to Singapore

Seven Peaks

In a significant move reflecting its growth and commitment to promoting innovation within the tech industry, Seven Peaks Software has announced the opening of its new office in Singapore.

This strategic expansion comes after the company’s successful establishment in Bangkok since 2014, where it has become known for its comprehensive digital development services.

Seven Peaks Software, under the leadership of CEO Jostein Aksnes, offers end-to-end digital solutions. The company specializes in guiding clients from the initial stages of product ideation, through design and development, to growth marketing, ensuring the product’s success post-launch.

With a team of over 250 professionals from 40 nationalities, the company has a diverse and skilled workforce that collaborates on international projects, providing services to major banks, enterprise customers, and leading management consulting companies.

The move to Singapore marks a new chapter for Seven Peaks Software, aiming to tap into the vibrant tech ecosystem and contribute to the innovation landscape in the city state. The establishing of the Singapore office is set to server closer collaboration with clients and expanding the company’s reach in Southeast Asia.

Disclaimer. Seven Peaks Software is the event sponsor for Thinking like a start up 28 February. At the event, Jostein Aksnes, CEO of Seven Peaks, will be sharing insights from his extensive experience in software engineering and management. The event focuses on the critical factors that drive start-up success, such as risk-taking, uncovering new opportunities, customer-centricity, agility, and the importance of supportive networks.


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