Nordic Green Run: A tale of collaboration and friendship

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Collaboration for a common goal

The Nordic Green Run SG is really a story about collaboration and friendship for the common good. Not only between the Nordic brothers and sister, who are in a friendly fight about who can raise most money for a good cause. But also between Norway and Singapore, with Team Singapore Marathoner Jasmine Goh running for the Norwegian team, displaying a wonderful sense of inclusion. Now, with only two days remaining of the Nordic Green Run, it is time for the final push.

We can pull this off

For us sports enthusiasts, there are moments that stand out. When someone steps up and lead the troops to victory. For me, one of those moments was when Jostein Flo entered the field in Marseille in 25 June 1998. Norway was playing mighty Brazil and the score was 0 – 1 with 10 minutes left to play. To advance in the World Championship, we had to win, but our chances were small. But the two meter tall Norwegian granite had a special charisma. As he cheered on his team mates, the hope lit up – we can actually pull this off!

Ignore sore feet and blisters

With two days to go, we are still in a dead lock with Denmark for the top position. Even if we are running for a common goal, nothing is quite like the sweet taste of victory. At this critical time, a strong man is stepping up, making us ignore blisters and sore feet. Heine Kristensen from Equinor is to Ambassador H.E Anita Nergaard and project lead Vanja Gleditsch what Jostein Flo was for Egil Drillo Olsen in Marseille. Namely, the guy that gives us the spirit to actually beat the Danes and raise as much money as possible for the Coral Triangle Center. As Heine himself put it “Pfft… We eat Danes for breakfast!”

Equinor focused on sustainability

Heine is the Purchasing Manager for Equinor’ s Johan Castberg-project in Singapore. The Norwegian company is strongly committed to sustainability. They focus on safety, value and low carbon in everything they do.

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Photo: Jasmine Goh

Making friendships

Despite looking like a strongman and delivering punchlines, Heine’s approach is to collaborate and create bonds across nations. Accordingly, he has recruited a lot of local runners to Nordic Green Run SG through the X-Trailblazers initiative. X-Trailblazers consists of trail-running enthusiasts who are passionate about exploring trails and having fun. As they themselves put it, they are a group of “fabulous youth, spanning from 25 to 70 years.” It was founded on 22nd March 2020 by Jasmine Goh, one of Singapore’s top trail runners, with the mission to introduce trail running to everyone.

Interested in continuing the momentum for the Nordic Green Run? You can look up X-Trailblazers here.

Ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Heine praises Jasmine’s unique ability to make us foreigners feel welcome and included here in Singapore. Jasmine explains her sentiment: “I think it is really wonderful that Singapore attracts people from all over the world, and that we get to share their culture. I really believe in the power of friendship and collaboration between the nations.” Jasmine also believes running is a sport that makes ordinary people do extraordinary things. She started running 10 years ago, not thinking that a stay-at-home mum could win Singapore Marathon and other international ultra runs.  “I think running is fantastic opportunity to stay in the moment and be more aware of yourself”, she states.

But there is a time and place for everything, and with two days left of the Nordic Green run, Jasmine’s message is clear: “Come on Norway, lets win this!”

Norway on top

So, how did things end in Marseille? In the last ten minutes, after Jostein Flo entered and motivated the Norwegian team, his brother Tore André Flo equaled the score. Kjetil Rekdal then scored the winning goal with his famous penalty. The latter I did not see because I was hiding under a plastic chair at the sports bar where I watched the match. This time however, I intend to follow the intense battle between Norway and Denmark to the end, with Norway securing the top position also this time.

Join the norwegian team

About #NordicGreenRunSG

The Nordic Green Run closes Sun 6 June 17:59 (CET) or 23:59 (SGT). Those running in Norway will have to track their runs before 17:59 Norwegian time.

Besides winning, we are running for the Coral Triangle Centre, which is a foundation based in Indonesia. The foundation trains marine resource managers and educates all groups that interact with coastlines and reefs within the Coral Triangle. For each kilometer we run, our sponsors have pledged to donate 1 SGD to the center.

You can follow the race through daily updates on LinkedIn (here) and Facebook (here) from embassy employee and project leader for Nordic Green Run on the Norwegian side, Vanja Gleditsch.

The Nordic Green Run SG is sponsored by Wilhelmsen, Steem 1960 Shipbrokers, Dualog, DNV, Equinor and Viking Lifesaving Equipments.