How to generate sufficient clean power to scale up alternative fuels?

Snic 2023 Richard Harvey 2

We warmly welcome Siemens Energy as sponsors for SNIC 2023 – Innovate to Zero!

Their Business Head at Siemens Energy Singapore, Richard Harvey, will share practical measures to decarbonize the maritime and offshore sectors.

During the Clean Power session at SNIC, we will explore how these industries can transition to clean energy amid limited access to renewable electricity. We’ll also discuss how to generate sufficient clean power to scale up alternative fuels. What is the timeline for adopting clean power for decarbonizing the maritime and offshore industry?

Siemens Energy is a valuable contributor with a strong focus on innovation and collaboration. Their mission is to empower customers to meet the growing global demand for sustainable energy. They strive to push the boundaries of conventional and renewable energy systems to combat climate change and provide reliable and affordable energy.

Their energy storage solution has enabled over 60 vessels to operate emission-free in multiple regions. They wil also present interesting cases, including providing green methanol for a major global shipper and using a methanol-based fuel cell system to replace traditional diesel generators.

Siemens Energy considers Singapore crucial, especially in the marine and offshore markets. They provide advanced electrical equipment, systems, and solutions for all types of commercial vessels, making them a trusted partner for owners, operators, and shipyards.

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