Julianne Bjørk Yang to speak at the AGM

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Nora Haldorsen GrønåsAuthor: Nora Haldorsen Grønås


We are delighted to present Julianne Bjørk Yang as one of the speakers at the Annual General Meeting! She will be giving a presentation on how our mental wellbeing is affected in the unpredictable times that we live in. 

-Today we are facing the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, increase in lay-offs and economic downturn for one. Not to mention the “new normal” we’re still establishing in connection to the pandemic. For some young people, this is all they know, the world has always been this chaotic. For others, the 2020s feels like an unusual decade – a contrast to the past, and a jolt to the system.

Julianne was born and raised in a Chinese family in Norway. Additionally, she has a broad cultural background, having lived and worked in Hong Kong, the U.S. and now Singapore. Currently, she works for Thrive Family in Singapore as a counselor for adults and adolescents. Being registered with the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy, and holding a Masters of Counseling from Monash University, she has valuable knowledge that NBAS companies will have the pleasure of being introduced to on March 29th. 

She emphasizes the importance of acknowledging today’s uncertainties. We will be introduced to how we can prepare ourselves for future challenges as individuals, organizations and communities. For example how to motivate your staff and maintain productivity when your employees are anxious about potential layoffs. On a more personal level, how can individual expats in Singapore deal with stress? She states that when your entire family relocates their lives, some difficulties are most likely to arise. 

-In my talk, I will explore the measures that can be taken when facing these challenges. 

Furthermore, she explains that there are no quick fixes, but there is hope, especially if we work together. 

-If you know who you are, you can navigate the world more confidently

-I believe that the biggest value in coaching and counseling is that you become more self aware. If you know who you are, how you operate, what motivates you and what doesn’t, you can navigate the world much more confidently, deliberately and skillfully. You might make less mistakes, more informed choices and improve your relationships not just at work but also in your personal life. 

To learn more about the psychological aspects of the current times, and how to cope with them – Sign up here to join the Annual General Meeting at HUONE on March 29th!