NBAS is a major contributor within the Norwegian Community, and organises a range of events throughout the year, individually or in partnership with the other players in Team Norway. Team Norway consists of The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore and Innovation Norway.

NBAS encourages all newcomers, as well as well-established Norwegian companies, to become members. The strength of our association lies in the value of our members, which represents a broad range of businesses. It allows us all to share our experiences with each other, pushing for greater partnerships.


NBAS has five different membership categories in order to meet the needs of established Norwegian companies in Singapore, individuals, start-ups, multinational companies with interest in Norwegian businesses and Norwegian companies not yet established in Singapore.

Norwegian Company

Norwegian company membership is open to all companies, branch/representative offices and proprietorships registered in Singapore, in which there is a direct Norwegian interest, either by ownership or control/reporting.

Apply S$ 800
Individual Norwegian

Individual Norwegian membership is open to a person who is engaged in business or profession in Singapore for a company that does not qualify for Norwegian company membership provided that

  • he or she is a Norwegian citizen resident in Singapore, or
  • he or she is recognised as promoting Norwegian business in Singapore, or
  • he or she is recognised as promoting Singaporean business in Norway.
Apply S$ 150
Associate company

Associate company membership is open to companies and branch/representative offices registered in Singapore, which have satisfactory business interests related to Norway.

Apply S$ 1000
Start Up

Start-up membership is open to newly established Norwegian companies in Singapore. The Start-up membership can be granted by the Committee for a period up to three years from the company was established in Singapore, and for a period of three years thereafter, provided that the company is headquartered in Singapore and has an average annual revenue of less than SGD 200,000 in the previous three years.

Apply S$ 400

Overseas membership is open to companies not established in Singapore in which there is a direct Norwegian interest, either by ownership or control/reporting.  

Apply S$ 400

Apply for membership here. Your membership application will be submitted to and reviewed by the NBAS board, which meets on the first Monday of each month.

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Our members come from a varied array of industries representing Norwegian companies both based in Singapore and overseas.