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Norwegian technology company Touch Call Recording recently joined NBAS as a company member. Touch specializes in Call Recording as a Service and has delivered their products in Norway and the Nordics since 2010. In 2018, they launched in Asia, with Singapore as a natural first step. We spoke to Asia CEO Kjetil Aaboe about the company, their products, and his time in Singapore.

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The Touch journey

Kjetil Aaboe is no newcomer to the Norwegian network in Singapore. He came here together with his family in 2009 and has been an active participant in the community since then. He brought to Singapore a wealth of experience in the field of container shipping and has held a variety of positions in the logistics and maritime sectors. In 2016, he decided to pursue new opportunities within retail and real estate, before embarking on the Touch journey in 2018. 

Early in 2018, Kjetil was approached by the company CEO Even Hovde, who also happened to be his best friend, regarding expansion plans for his company Touch Call Recording. The two had been living next to each other during their early childhood in Drammen. Touch was ready to launch their services internationally and landed on Singapore as the ideal fit for their expansion. This was not least because Kjetil already knew how to navigate the market and was familiar with the relevant stakeholders.

Partnership with Singtel

For their Singapore expansion, Touch needed a good network partner. Kjetil went to work immediately after the call with Even and ended up landing an agreement with Singtel. Touch Call Recording Pte Ltd, the Singaporean branch of Touch, was established in February 2018 and they released their award-winning Call Recording as a Service the year after. In June 2020 they expanded by setting up their own unique and dedicated recording and data center in Singapore.

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Touch Call Recording are currently the market leaders for network-based, real-time mobile voice and text recording in Singapore with Singtel. They are working with a diverse set of high profile Singapore-based customers, ranging from local and international banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, car dealerships, and more.

The Touch Approach – Call Recording as a Service

Kjetil explains that companies are often required to securely store and access their data. They may be confronted with legal, statutory and industrial compliance requirements regarding personal data that require dedicated resources that most companies do not have internally. This is where Touch comes in – they assist companies quickly, easily, and without the need for on-site installations.

We are seeing a shift in work patterns, which has been accelerated by the global pandemic. It is now predicted that hybrid arrangements and work-from-home are becoming the new norms. In a changing world, there is an increasing requirement to empower staff with the tools that allows them to work efficiently from home or elsewhere, while staying compliant with both external and internal company regulations and guidelines.

Touch Call Recording offers services that are delivered from the cloud, providing a simple path to meet compliance and regulatory goals. They also allow companies to capitalize on recordings for operational enhancement. Kjetil explains that the services are cost-effective and do not require large capital investments or the management of complex infrastructure.

“Our expertise means that you don’t need training or to dedicate resources, boosting your productivity and efficiency” says Kjetil.

Compliance Call Recording Service

Businesses in Singapore operating in financial service markets that work, or have worked, with partners in the EU may be covered by legislation such as the Markets in Financial instruments Directive 2014/65/EU (known as MiFID II). This mandates the recording of all calls that relate to key financial transactions – and from all digital channels, with the aim of providing better protection for investors and a clear audit trail for financial services companies.

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Kjetil explains that Touch Call Recording Service is fully compliant with MiFID II and other key legislation, such as GDPR and its Singaporean counterpart, PDPA. They provide flexible, scalable storage to meet all relevant regulations, helping to protect your business and to provide clear audit trails. Stored data is encrypted, ensuring data protection, and mirrored across multiple sites, with access to recordings through a user-friendly and intuitive user interface.

Designed with your business in mind

Touch Call Recording Service helps companies to meet a wide range of requirements. In addition to compliance, it includes self-training, leader supervision, documentation, dispute resolution, quality assurance, risk management, audit trails, and more. By recording calls and communication, companies may increase their productivity, unlock performance insights and improve customer service.

Their services currently cover more than 40 digital communications channels and solutions. These include landlines, PBXs, mobile phones, social media, and many others. More recently, they also covered Microsoft Teams, which most of us have gotten very familiar with during the past year. Kjetil explains that Touch are always looking to add to their service and reveal that they will be offering exciting, new channels for existing and new customers in the near future.

Ideal for a range of industries and users

Ultimately, Touch Call Recording offers recording solutions that are optimized for the needs of different users. Their customers range from contact and call centres, financial services organisations, emergency and security services, telemarketing, and telecoms operators. In Singapore, they already have customers in most of these segments.


Learn more about Touch Call Recording and their products here.

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