Leading. Insightful. Current. Newsworthy. Engaging. Thoroughness. Exclusive.The above terms sum up what NHST Media Group aims to be for its readers and customers. They set the tone for our journalism, they guide how our editors prioritise the daily flood of news and they underpin the confidence we want our customers to have in our products.NHST Media Group is a leading news provider both in Norway and globally within the select segments where we operate. This position has been built by understanding what is important to our readers, focusing on that and let that define our products.Our publications do not try to be all things to all people, but are always insightful within the select fields they cover. We cover a wide geographical area, but are highly focused when it comes to subject matter. Our journalists are experts in their areas and this is reflected in our publications. They do not just report what happens, but also provide insight into why it is happening.NHST Media Group: https://https://www.nhst.no/TradeWinds: https://https://www.tradewindsnews.com/IntraFish: https://https://www.intrafish.com/Upstream: https://https://www.upstreamonline.com/NAUTISK FORLAG: : https://nautisk.com/DagensNaeringsliv: https://https://www.dn.no/idn/idnenglish/RECHARGE: https://https://www.rechargenews.com/Mynewsdesk: https://https://www.mynewsdesk.com/LNG Unlimited: https://https://www.lngunlimited.com/Contact Person : Leonard Opitz Stornes

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