Klaveness Digital is a Norwegian technology company on a mission to bring shipping and logistics into the future. With our team of software engineers, data scientists, shipping, and logistics specialists in Oslo, Singapore, Manila and São Paulo, we empower industrial companies to make better informed decisions.

We develop intelligent solutions and services using the latest advances in technology to solve everyday problems in the maritime supply chain of some of the world’s largest companies. We empower our customers to leverage their data and make better informed decisions.

Our flagship product CargoValue provides customers with actionable insights that enables them to optimize and digitalize their supply chain.

In an industry that is heavily reliant on manual processes and a reactive approach to shipping, we challenge established thinking. We help our customers digitalize their processes and provide end-to-end visibility that allows them to collaborate and make predictive decisions rather than reactive.

With CargoValue our customers reduce costs, supply chain uncertainties, and CO2 emissions.

Drammensveien 260, 0283 Oslo, Norway