Dolphin Drilling Pte LtdDolphin Drilling Pte Ltd ( DDPL ) is incorporated in the Republic of Singapore and has its principal place of business at One Temasek Avenue .#36-02 Millenia Tower , Singapore 039192The principal activities of the company are those relating to the operation and charter of an ultra deepwater drillship .The immediate and ultimate holding companies were Dolphin International A.S. and Fred Olsen Energy ASA respectively . Both companies are incorporated in Norway.Dolphin Drilling Pte Ltd (DDPL) providing management and administrative support for various Companies operating in Singapore are :-Belford Dolphin Pte LtdBideford Dolphin Pte LtdBlackford Dolphin Pte LtdBorgholm Dolphin Pte LtdBorgland Dolphin Pte LtdBorgny Dolphin Pte LtdBorgsten Dolphin Pte LtdBredford Dolphin Pte LtdByford Dolphin Pte LtdDolphin Drilling Personnel Pte Ltd ( DDPPL)(International crewing company)

One Temasek Avenue #36-02 Millenia Tower Singapore 039192