Members only: Tech Circle #5 2022 – Revolutionising the supply chain

Tech Circle Featured Article

Welcome to our members-only Tech Circle, where we will discuss global supply chains!

The pandemic, political unrest, and surging energy prices have massively impacted global supply chains. It is now the time to invest in the technology that can give your organisation the insights and visibility required to manage ever-changing demand and mitigate risk effectively.


6.00 pm: Welcome!
6.10 pm: Jonathan, Marie, and Thomas on how to use data and new technology to meet the challenges of transformed supply chains.
6.40 pm: Open discussion
7.30 pm: The event closes. Food and drinks nearby.

Learn about how to:

  • Cope with a new reality of dynamic supply chains
  • Use data to predict and analyse your supply chain
  • Implement track and trace solutions across the supply chain to mitigate risk and gain a competitive edge
  • Automate and optimise your end-to-end operations for the supply chain
  • Deploy new technology to streamline operations and gain insights
  • Get ready for the future of transparency with conscious consumers, carbon footprint reporting, recycling, Digital Product Passports (DPP), responsible business conduct, and more

We will serve afternoon snacks and drinks. The event is open to members of NBAS.

You are warmly welcome!

Venue: TechLab by Innovation Norway, 16 Raffles Quay, #44-01 Hong Leong Building, Singapore 048581



Marie Pettersson, General Manager, Asia Pacific, Kezzler

Kezzler is a leading product traceability company, driving product transparency to ensure safety, sustainability, efficiency, control, and compliance in supply chains.


Tech Circle 5 Thomasskjelbred

Thomas Skjelbred CEO, Telenor Procurement Company Pte. Ltd.

The company manages 70% of Telenor’s sourceable spending. They aim to build a globally integrated procurement operation, with an increased focus on responsible business throughout the supply chain.


Jonathan Savoir

Jonathan Savoir, CEO & Co-Founder at Quincus Solutions

The world’s largest supply chain companies use the company to automate and optimize their end-to-end operations.


NBAS highlights cross-industrial topics of value for our members in our monthly event series, labeled Tech Circle. We aim to support our smaller membership companies and, at the same time, tie bonds between our members in different sectors and of various sizes.