About Us

The Norwegian Business Association (Singapore) was founded in 1993, with the main objective to provide a forum on an organized and continuing basis for Norwegian organizations, their executives and their employees.

It was established as a continuation of the Norwegian Industrial Forum, but with a broader scope. Close to 200 Norwegian companies are established in Singapore and these companies represent one of the highest concentration of Norwegian business interests in any city in the world outside Norway.  The purpose of NBAS is to be an active forum for Norwegian companies and business people where they can exchange experience and draw knowledge about business-related issues in Singapore.

NBAS is a major contributor in the Norwegian Community, and organizes a range of events through the year, individually or in partnership with the other players in Team Norway. Team Norway consists of The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Singapore, Innovation Norway and The Norwegian Seafood Council.

NBAS encourages all newcomers, as well as already established Norwegian companies, to become members. The strength of our association, and the added value for our members, is all about having a broad range of businesses represented and a variety of experiences to be shared.

What We Do

  • Provide opportunities for our members to meet and network. NBAS arrange a variety of events and activities throughout the year, such as member meetings, seminars and social gatherings. Each meeting addresses a specific topic with an invited guest speaker.
  • The Norway-Asia Business Review Magazine is issued four times per year. Business Review features interesting articles about business, trade, politics and life style in both Norway and Southeast Asia. It is distributed free to the members of all Norwegian business associations in South and Southeast Asia as well as other contacts.
  • The annual Norwegian Seafood Dinner is the perfect opportunity for our member companies to impress their local business associates. Fresh seafood is flown in from Norway and nearly 100 chefs work around the clock for days to present over 1000 guests with the most impressive selection of seafood dishes.
  • NBAS is actively involved in promoting trade, investments, finance and industry between Norway and Singapore using all appropriate channels in both countries.